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Please create a consulting environment 

To start a consultation  First, please fill out the consultation agreement and create an online consultation environment. 

1. First, the consultation agreement
please submit

digital device

If you submit a consultation agreement, you will receive consultation reservations and related information via text message and e-mail as a consultation member. 

2. Please install the video consultation app for smooth consultation. 


For seamless video consultation, install the ZOOM app or GOOGLE MEET app on a PC or mobile that supports video and voice.

3. Please access the video consultation link sent by the counselor on the scheduled date.  

round wooden table

First, prepare for a consultation in a private, quiet space without disturbances. The counselor will send you a link for video consultation in advance. Please access the link at the scheduled time. Or the video counseling room ID provided and   Please connect with PASSWORD.

Guide to GROW Psychological Counseling

Welcome to psychological counseling. Below is information on consultation guidance and personal information records and storage. After reading this information carefully, if you have any further questions, please ask and sign your consent.


Duration and frequency of psychological counseling

Psychological counseling usually consists of regular sessions,Each session takes 50 minutes. The duration and frequency depend on the severity of the problem.It is determined in consultation with the applicant.

Psychological counseling fee policy

For individual members, the consultation fee must be paid 24 hours in advance for the consultation time to be confirmed. If you are a member of a school or workplace, etc., the number of sessions is limited to the number agreed upon with the institution. 

Postponement and Cancellation Policy of Psychological Counseling

If you wish to postpone or cancel your consultation appointment, you will be notified 1 day prior to the reservation date. If you cancel or no show on the day of your reservation, the consultation fee for that session will be charged. However, natural disasters, If you are absent due to sudden accidents or serious illness, you will not be charged. Also, even if you are late, the closing time will not change.



Your consultation contents and information are absolutely guaranteed confidentiality, and your written consent It will never be released without it. However, the principle of confidentiality may not be observed in cases where life is threatened or harmed to yourself or others.


Recording and management of consultation and inspection data

According to the regulations of the Korean Counseling Psychology Association, the counselor may record the contents of counseling and examination for smooth progress of counseling, and it is safely and thoroughly stored for 2 years from the date of counseling. Inspection and provision of copies of records is permitted only to the individual for reasonable and appropriate purposes, and when providing to a third party, including family members, the consent of the individual must be obtained.


consultation advisory

Counselor is effectiveenemy awardIf it is necessary to proceed with the consultation, you can receive advice from counseling and medical experts on the contents of consultation without disclosing personal information. 


Freedom of closure and expression

the client  You can stop consulting at any time by agreement with the counselor. Clients are free to express themselves to the counselor about the counseling process. For the effectiveness of counseling, I will faithfully participate in the counseling process as a client.


Cooperation with family and other professionals

In the following cases, counseling is conducted with the cooperation of family members and other experts. 1) when there are severe mental disturbances or behavioral problems, 2) when family problems exacerbate the client's problemsWhen killing 3) When it is expected to cause harm to oneself and others


  I have fully read and understood the instructions described above. 

 If you agree to the above, please click the button below to complete your signature. 

You have submitted your consent form.

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